Borrow - Global Unbanked

Keep your money in different currencies
and exchange between them

all in one wallet

Borrow - Global Unbanked

Many ways to control your wallet:
Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, AliPay, WeChat, Union Pay, Bank Account

Have complete control over all your funds

Borrow - Global Unbanked

Transfer of funds is fast, easy and secure
from every part of the world

You have an all-in-one application

Borrow - Global Unbanked


Borrow - Global Unbanked

Master Card

Borrow - Global Unbanked


Borrow - Global Unbanked

Bank Account

Borrow - Global Unbanked

We Chat

Borrow - Global Unbanked


Borrow - Global Unbanked

Union Pay

Global Unbanked is an Enterprise eWallet Solution ...

for Merchants, Corporations and Financial Institutions. We provide a digital wallet system for your customers, employees and affiliates to load and withdraw funds and to pay and be paid by the company and each other.
It's as easy as;


Create a wallet


Click the validation e-mail


Add all your accounts in one central place

The Best Way to Manage your Customers and Employees ...

and for them to manage themselves. Wallet holders can easily transfer money between accounts, pay or withdraw, with different methods and currencies worldwide, immediately and securely.

seguridad - Global Unbanked


Global Unbanked provides a safe and secure way to manage your financial needs. All transactions are conducted with the latest and most sophisticated security techniques.

Borrow - Global Unbanked


Global Unbanked lets you make transactions worldwide, no matter the currency, with the same wallet, so you don't have to use different accounts or multiple cards.

Borrow - Global Unbanked

No Opening Fees

You can have a Global Unbanked account in a few minutes, all benefits available. Just sign in.

Do Everything from One Account

Your company and its affiliated wallets will have a better way to manage their funds - through one simple interface.


Prepaid MasterCard®

Order your Global Unbanked card to access your funds anywhere in the world. You can withdraw cash at ATMs and make purchases across the globe.


Global Unbanked e Wallet

Create your Global Unbanked e Wallet to receive and make easy cross-border payments. Save money on payments and FX. Access your funds anywhere in the world.


Virtual MasterCard®

Use your Global Unbanked virtual card online anywhere MasterCard is accepted, making your internet shopping experience convenient and secure.

Total Control of Your Finances

A powerful set of tools and features gives you, your customers and your employees everything you need to plan, stay on track and achieve your financial goals, without being tied to a single bank.

All Accounts in One Place

Access all of your accounts in one wallet — checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and more. All visible in one place.

Powerful Money Management

Monitor your cash flow in real time. See what, when and where you spend. Export, analyze and chart your wallet activity.

We are here to make your account-management simple and secure

Contact us for a custom corporate or merchant solution for your company.