Card Holder Website – which enables cardholder self-service and access to account information. The website is responsive and supports access via mobile browsers.

Agent Setup – Available to clients who wish to utilize the customer service application of the our processing solution.

Cart – Utilized when the customer wishes to enable online sales of cards and enrollment of cardholders.

Mobile IOS & Android Applications – Allows customer to leverage IOS or Android based mobile apps with their own branding.

IVR Setup – Utilized when customer desires to leverage our IVR service as part of the overall processing solution for cardholder servicing and support. Includes dedicated toll free number and customer branding / greeting.

Campaign Manager – Utilized when customer desires to leverage the campaign management features of our processing solution to initiate communications with cardholders over email or SMS.

Multi-Purse – The multi purse features enables a single card account to have multiple sub accounts (purses). Each carry their own balance. Purses can be used for applications such as multicurrency, savings, meal, etc.

iCoupon Setup – To enable cardholder card-linked coupon functionality. For example, “Get $5 off” at Starbucks.

Live Agent Setup – To provision and configure the card inventory management module.

API Setup and Certification – Utilized when customer desires to leverage our Live Agent services as part of the overall processing solution, for cardholder servicing and support. Requires a monthly minimum quantity of minutes, per language, to be defined as part of the commercial agreement.

Bill Pay Setup – Utilized when cardholder needs to enable online bill payment to pay any payee. Available only in the US.

Load Center Setup – Utilized to connect, test, and certify with load networks we currently support. load networks including Green Dot, Western Union, MoneyGram, MasterCardRePower, and Visa ReadyLink.

ACH Processing – Utilized when processing ACH on the customer’s behalf. Note that an ACH reserve may be required.

Apple Pay / Android / Samsung Mobile Payment – Enables mobile payments with the major mobile device operating system providers.

Debit / ATM Network Connectivity – Connection to a network is required to process transactions. There are third party pass-thru fees associated with connecting to the bank network.